New group!

New Group
Almost a week has passed since our group fell apart and a lot has happened in this time.
- I have trouble being open to contact with Nikki since last week Monday. So we haven’t seen each other since the group fell apart. That doesn’t mean -for me- that we will not have contact in the future. I am slowly getting ready to meet again. There was (and is) a lot to digest.
- I had an appointment with the postmodern midwifery school to sit with a planned meeting. Vanessa (the founder) invited me, so I could see if there was anything I wanted to be involved in. I am now the emergency teacher for this year (in case one of the current scheduled teachers is sick or away) and I will help with study groups once every 5 weeks.
Most important news:
- Friends contacted us when they read the blog and proposed to invest and also live here (Jippie!!!!!). This means we CAN go ahead and buy the land. More on this down here.
- Other friends sent messages with advice and support and ideas. A few also offered help with setting things up. Thank you guys, we might hold you up on that!
- Our car was suddenly finished (yes, it has been 7 weeks in a garage, while we drove a loan car from the seller; all costs for the seller), as if to tell us ‘yes, you can start moving again’.

These last days were exhilarating with enthusiasm and fantasies about the future. Ever since Renske and Dennis let us know that living on that land was at this moment for them a really good step (it came at exactly the right time for them). They had the means to financially add to our own –limited- money. This meant that suddenly the land became available as a REAL option: we moved from a space of really wanting to go for this land to a space of we ARE going to live on this land. From hope to sureness (yeah, yeah, nothing is ever really sure, I know, but very reasonably sure).
We now have enough money to make a down payment on the land, but to make a good start after this and be able to continue, we have calculated we still need a not too large amount of money (at least around 10.000 euro), to add to our joint amount. For this I will start up some ‘crowd funding’ through Facebook and Linkedin.
Since our talks with them started we have been awake at night a lot with fantasies coming up, thoughts about how to go about things, etc, etc. And during the daytime, every spare minute was given to organising things in our head already.
What needs to be done first, when shall we start the negotiations, when shall we be finished with that approximately, when is a realistic time to ‘have bought’ the land and live on it, etc, etc.
For now it looks like we will start negotiating when the owner comes back from holiday, on the 9th of January. A realistic time to be done negotiating would most likely be end of January at the latest. The owner is ok with us starting on the land as soon as we have done a down payment, while the official papers are sorted.
From February on we could start on the land. Renske wants to come down with the kids in February, so that means we can start connecting to the water, put a tank up, make the road better with a bulldozer, make some places flatter; where we would like to build our places.
Look at where to put a compost toilet, a shower, a shared kitchen (Nikki’s idea and I still think a very good idea). What area’s will be for people coming on holiday, what area’s for people coming for retreats, what area for families coming for a birth, etc, etc. And of course; do other people want to live here? Also: Looking at what land to buy next, to enlarge the total space. Which area is best for a vegetable garden? How deep does the soil go and what kind of rock is under there?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
We will need lots of physical help with these things.
Maybe some of you reading this would like to help and come over for a few days, a week, or longer. Return flights can be as low priced as 25 euro pp, flying from Eindhoven to Malaga (we can pick you up). From April/May onward we will have more sleeping spots (then just the ones we sleep in) on the land and you are welcome to eat with us, of course.
But before April we also need help. We will be living a bit rough still in that time (with hopefully some water, wifi and electricity available from half of February on). We can – however- arrange a free sleeping place outside of the land (we met some people where we can arrange this with). We can pick you up at Malaga airport and drop you off and pick you up there to go to the land.
Any help is appreciated. Even if you come to help cook for everyone, instead of building a compost toilet. Let me know if you want to help, how long you want to help, when you could come, etc. It will be fun!

In the mean time we wish everyone a nice, cosy, warm (here still 18 degrees, but I can imagine snow is also very nice!) and happy holiday!!
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