business consultancy


The other day I saw the desperate question of a woman on my timeline on Facebook; 'who(of all my facebookfriends) is actually NOT a business consultant?!' There are indeed a lot of people doing this work (or wanting to do this work) from lots of different perspectives. This  probably means that that this kind of work is necessary? That there are a lot of companies, groups, partnerships, etc, not functioning totally optimally?


I also count myself to the group of people who is doing this work. Through my extensive experience with group work, problem solving and individual work, I can offer effective help to solve problems within a company, organisation, partnership, etc.


To really clarify an issue and solve a problem within a company, I count a period of about 2 weeks. About this timeframe and the approach, I can offer more information after an intake.

For every kind of problem there is another solution.


Sometimes a teambuilding day or days can be an option, sometimes it is more important to dive deep and add individual coaching and groupwork for instance. 

When teambuilding is the only goal, that is possible too. This can be one day or more days, depending on the question.


I involve others in this for their specialism (for example a horse whisperer, a creative therapist, a colleague who is specialised in non-violent communication, etc).


It is possible to do this on the location of the company/the group house/a building nearby, or on our location in Spain.

The prices are dependent on the wishes. For more information contact me.