In these individual learning sessions -meditating, thetahealing and other ways to bring issues to light- will come by.

It is relatively easy to learn how to meditate and to start 'seeing' things in your own body and mind and solve them. Some people are born into clairvoyancy and don't lose the ability along the way, but it can also be developed ( or regained when you lost it).

The learning sessions take 1.5 hr per session. You can choose to take one session or more.


After 3 individual sessions, in which you have learned to look and feel into your own body, you can start learning to look at other people (through bodyscan techniques) and use other techniques on each other in group sessions. You practice on each other in a very safe environment.

You can only book these group sessions after having done 3 individual sessions of 1.5 hrs.


Contact me for more info or to make an appointment.