pregnancy and beyond


In my previous years as a midwife I have gained a lot of knowledge, experience and insight. This is never 'lost', even now I have chosen not to work as a 'midwife' officially anymore.

I am also no longer registered in the BIG register.

There has been a courtcase as well, after I stepped out of the register, which has only confirmed my reasons for stepping out. I realized that the way I worked doesn't fit within the current system under the official banner of 'registered midwife'. 


The base from which I work is the autonomy of the woman. Next to that I find it important to be honest/integer, loving and transparant toward myself and my client. I don't want to make any space in my life and in my work, for the additional nonsense that is required by the system to remain registered.


A variety of options are available.

You can come once or more often for consultations before or during your pregnancy. Through theteahealing, homeopathy and/or meditation you can get more insight in yourself. Thetahealing has been proven to me to be very helpfull for a lot of pregnancy issues (in this book you can find most pregnancy illnesses and the cure through thetahealing) and fear of the birth.

Through meditation techniques I can help you to make contact with your baby in different ways. 


Nearby our location is the only holistic midwifery school in Spain. Midwives are not only teaching, but also actively working there. This gives the option of staying at our location and using the midwife services of Orgiva for your birth. In this way you could spend your whole pregnancy/birth/postnatal period at our location.

If you would like to know more, contact me.


(I can also be with your birth, if we both feel that that is the best option.  This option we can discuss in a consultation, through skype or in real life.  For this option I wish to see you at least 3 times before your birth.)


In the postnatal period you can choose to have full care with all the meals provided and someone taking care of your other kids (when you have them). During daytime (8 hrs) someone will be with you to look after you and clean up. When you get stuck with things at night there is always help on call.  You can have this full care for 7 days.

You can also choose part-care, where there is someone around to help a few hours a day for 7 days (for instance with breastfeeding) or to answer questions, etc. With part-care no meals are included, but you can buy them for a reducd price.

With this kind of care there is also always 24 hour on call when you need help.


Spain is a non expensive country to live in. Shopping is mostly half of Northern European prices, secondhand goods are available very cheap, renting a house is very affordable. This makes staying in this area very 'doable'.


There will be a so called 'birthing casita' on the land, which will be been fully stocked to be able to birth in peace and quiet and enjoy a great postnatal period.

With fully stocked I mean: a birthing pool, a birthing stool, a private outside area, a large family bed, a great shower, warmth through a fireplace plus floorheating and the option to use a tipi (for instance if you wish to birth in your outside area). 

There will be 2 bedroom-area's in this house (or yurt or glamping tent) and the possibility to cook for yourself.

You can book this house from any moment in your pregnancy untill a maximum of 6 weeks after your birth (be aware that these casita's still need to be built/set-up and will become available after the half of 2019!! Before this time we can help you find a good, affordable place in the area. Some of these places are very comfortable and very low-priced)


The following constructs are possible:

- Only come by for one or more pregnancy consultations.

- Only have birth support from the midwives in Orgivs and use the casita for this.

- Have part or full postnatal care in the casita.

- Stay for a longer period of pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

- Bring your own tent or caravan to live/birth in on our land or use the birthing casita or rent something somewhere else in the area.

When there is no casita available yet and living in your own tent or caravan doesn't sound very appealing to you, I can help you find a good and very affordable place to live in this area.


For more options, bookings and possibilities, contact us.