relationship therapy


In my work as a midwife I often heard from my clients that I had 'saved their relationship'.

Of course it is impossible for anyone to 'save' the relationship of someone. But it is possible however, when both partners are motivated, to come a whole lot closer together than you might have ever thought realistic. 

If you don't understand each other very well, or find it hard to reach the other, or have any other reason to come for a talk, you are welcome.

For relationship therapy it is the same as with the other consultations. I use one or more methods that seem appropriate. Under this link you can find more about the methods.

Sometimes I notice that people are uncomfortable if I use my clearvoyancy. Please mention this, because it can be done without.

Also mention if you want me to use a certain method or even if you want me to teach you a certain method.

Contact me to make an appointment.